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No one does this work alone.


This is a list of artists, activists, facilitators and organizations who we partner with to build a better tomorrow through creative projects, trainings, and workshops. Most are here in the United States, but we also have connections in Switzerland and South Africa


Gilbert Salazar- Unmasked Education - MA Applied Theatre Arts, Restorative Justice Practitioner, Violence Prevention Educator

Rosemary Marston - MA Applied Theatre Arts

Deborah Vieyra - MA Applied Theatre Arts, Gender Violence prevention in South Africa

Kieran Gopaul- MA Applied Theatre Arts, Media and Theatre arts in Switzerland

Quenna Barret - MA Applied Theatre Arts, Chicago

Fist the Mountains Productions - Activism Oriented Production Company.

Loftoeira - House dance and capoeira available for performances and classes.

Capoeira Batuque - Capoeira for children and adults. Available for workshops and performances.

Miss Ellen Music - Runs the World Citizen Baby Center in Atwater Village/Silver Lake

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